Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Just one of those days

Alright, seriously... since seeing The Truman Show I honestly have this undeniable fear that someone is watching me at all times. Like I am on a TV show and I don't know it. Sometimes I even make decisions based on this possibility... eeesh, that sounds crazy doesn't it! Today was a day for the books... or the blog! (unless you've already seen the episode hahah!)

It was the girls first full day at their new daycare. Simple enough you'd think... HA! I am lucky to be a part-time worker wife. However, the days I work, I put my full week in in two days it seems. I'm not striking up the band to play in a pity party, but I am giving TREMENDOUS props to moms who do the morning routine SOLO! My husband leaves at 4:30am while we are sleeping, so I essentially wake up a single mom (but not really as I am truly grateful that my husband is working hard to support us). My alarm goes off and it's GO TIME! Literally not a second to spare to even vere from the original plan. I probably yell out to the girls 50 million times are morning "We've gotta get going or we're going to be late,"... I think to myself how much I am probably creating anxiety for them in rushing everything they do.... but frig... kids are like molasses... it's like everything they do when you are in a hurry is in S..L...OoOwwww... Mo...tion! Ughhhh Listen kid... I'm putting your socks on today, it's just what's going to happen, you can pick your toes slowly and put your socks on tomorrow... but today, we have a timeline.

Side note: After waiting for the Dr. this week for 50 minutes with both girls in tow (sinus infection for this cat)... I preached to B about patience. Another prideful moment where I should listen to myself.

Anyways, both girls hit their carseats having eaten breakfast, with clean faces, bags packed and smelling squeaky clean. I was feeling like a seasoned vet!

Other side note: We ran out of water this week. Yep... multiple days... no water.... I'm watching survivor right now, and I'm jealous of their water supply, UGHHHH. Serious country problems and a serious HATRID for mother nature this year. She better start getting mad in the form of heat, no one needs another Elsa here. So this day started with my bathing like a cat under what felt like a drip from a leaky faucet. Try rinsing out conditioner like that! (Yes, I had to use conditioner, this city girl is still stubborn in desperate times! hahaah).

Back to the day... The girls get to daycare in time, smooth first day drop off, no tears (well except mine, that threatened to ruin my makeup on the way to work). It's a slushy day... DING, Out of windshield washer fluid, LOVELY. Thanks hunny dearest. Question: Does anyone else think this should be a husband job. Car maintenance includes watching over the squirt squirt (eeeek feminists galore would be ALL over me for that one). I pull into the work parking lot, DING, Low fuel... Awesome! Rollin' with it, I get to the class, I teach for the first 20 mins of the day and BLECHHHHHH... kid pukes on floor of the classroom mid lesson... Amazing, this day is just cruisin' for a blog!

Anyone else have these days? I swear if it weren't for my husband who has literally retrained my psycho snapcase mind, I would have been a ball of tears incapable of carrying on with my day. But he has provided me with a "it could be worse" mentality that stops my meltdowns in their tracks.

Another Side Note: My husband S*&t% rainbows... everyday... all day. He's like a freak of nature, glass IS full, pillar of positivity disgustingly optimistic kind of person. ewww

The bell rings... I scrape up enough cash from my wallet, coat pocket and car console/floor to buy a jug of overpriced squirt squirt, $20 of gas and a lil beef jerky protein snack (remember I'm flat broke, working 1-3 days a week not wanting to ask my husband for $ and have to explain things like the beef jerkey splurge).

 I hit the gas and zip home to get my girls... my reason for everything, what truly makes any bad day seem so insignificant. Cheers to tomorrow followers, it WILL be a better day!

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