Tuesday, 30 December 2014

First and Foremost...

A blog? Really... how the heck am i going to find time to keep up a blog
This brain wave has passed through from time to time, reminding me of how great it would be if I could even muster up a few followers. A bit of a social media slu, I find myself yearning to have my own space to speak... to type... to blog! 
I'm a 30 year old occasional teacher from Ontario Canada, what could I possibly have to offer to the blogosphere? Probably nothing. However, my reason for blogging doesn't come with wanted "likes" or a massive number of followers, in fact those things might make me a lil' stressed out. My reason for the blog is pure mental therapy, a sort of cathartic medium for my crazy, erratic and often unique thoughts. A sort of diary, appropriate for the public
My concept is, if i start to actually put my mind on paper (well, my nice mind), I may shed light to all the good things in my life and scare away the bad. If I give attention to my positive mind and ignore my dark thoughts, they may take note and shape up. Make sense? 
With two babies at home, well, one baby and one very quickly maturing 3 year old, I may not make it on her daily.... heck, I'll be lucky to post once a month. My intention however is to continue this journey, hopefully add a few followers and spark something with this whole blog thing. 

NOTE: If you so chose to follow me... do so with a curious but kind mind. I don't really need people complaining about my activity on here. In this day and age there is a freedom to follow as well as a right to unfollow a person. You don't like it... be on your way ;-) I'll try to be harmless, to not offend and to, for the most part, project positivity... but life is real and haters can be a real downer. I tend to say things like they are, project mediocre social awkwardness and am an extreme introvert hiding behind a keyboard and a screen. Just a forewarning ;-) 

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